Construction Companies and Developers

Perhaps no other group is more affected by the costly problem of damage to glass and cladding that occurs during the construction process.

Whether fair or not, and not withstanding liability debates that may ensue, more often than not it’s the construction company or developer who must foot the bill to replace damaged panels.

Why does this keep happening?

As every project rises, glass and cladding surfaces are unavoidable exposed to ‘construction debris’ that ranges from surface-etching concrete splatter, to aggressive sealants, coatings, paints and a wide variety of other chemicals.

Obviously, before occupancy all of these residues need to removed… but the fact is that they’re not just sitting on the surface where they can simply be wiped off or washed away.

Because of their chemical composition and the fact the glass, cladding and other surfaces have be exposed to them for weeks or months, the debris is attached at a molecular level. Removal is extremely difficult or virtually impossible. The damage is already done.

Retrofitting new panels is can be an expensive, profit-eroding and time-consuming nightmare.

Finally there’s a simple, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution!