Current Projects

Taunus Tower – First Tower in Europe!


We are pleased to announce our first Tower in Europe to use the Eco Coat Glass Protection System which is now under construction in Frankfurt Germany. Temporary protection was spec’ed by the Architect and as plastic films no longer meet environmental standards the choice was to use our environmentally responsible polymer coating. Coating will be done in at the factory starting in October; each panel weighing about 1 metric tonne.

Eco Coat protection specified by Architect: Gruber + Kleine-Kraneburg
View more details at the Taunus Tower project website

Completed Projects

Canada Place


Canada Place in Vancouver – the white steel base at the bottom of the sails. Eco Coat Protect-E-Shield was applied by airless sprayer on the white steel in the summer of 2010 to protect it from construction debris (such as hot metal chips from repairs) while the sails were being replaced. The protective coating was removed May 2011 with Converter-E.

Construction Company: Ledcor