The Problem

Every year across North America and around the globe, tens of thousands of commercial and residential towers are being built. Soaring spires of steel, concrete, and glass. Billions of square feet of windows…

From the moment they leave the factory, while in transit, and particularly during the long construction process, the glass surfaces and frames are exposed to dozens of things that can cause serious… costly, damage.

Things like splattered concrete, efflorescence, chemical residue, paint, even the razorblade scrapers used by window cleaners trying to remove construction debris can create expensive problems that force the construction company to replace windows.

Until now, construction companies and developers really have had only two choices… A.) Questionable, and B.) Disastrous:

A.) Try to protect their investment by having the windows covered with what’s commonly called ‘blue plastic’, an old-tech, expensive option that’s hit-and-miss at best, or…

B.) Accept the reality that many of the windows, both glass and frames will inevitably be damaged and therefore try to budget a percentage figure for replacement based on an ever-changing set of variables largely beyond their control.