Window Manufacturers

You are significantly invested in making sure that every unit that you manufacture meets the high standards that you’ve set for your products.

Once completed, while being temporarily held, during transportation to the construction site, while awaiting installation there and during the overall construction process your windows and spandrel units will be continually bombarded with things that can damage them and compromise their integrity.

These negative impactors include but are not limited to ‘construction debris’ that ranges from surface-etching concrete splatter, to aggressive sealants, coatings, paints and a wide variety of other chemicals.

Some of your customers may specify a protective film be applied to their orders, many do not, instead hoping that the inevitable damage will be limited or at least manageable in terms of its overall negative financial impact.

Some developers look to window manufacturers to share in baring replacement costs.

Even if they do specify a protect sheet film be applied, the physical nature of these types of products limit their effectiveness as a barrier plus the adhesive used may create other serious problems when the time comes to remove them.

Also worth considering; the amount of plastic used to cover the glass surfaces of even a medium sized building has a significant impact on landfill sites, with the plastic persisting in the environment for decades if not longer.

The eco coat glass protection system provides you with a superior protective alternative that you can offer to your customers as a valued-added option.

It can be quickly and easily applied immediately before racking and is removed on site when the building is complete as part of the final window washing process.