Glass Fabricators

Damage to high value glass products such as low-emittance (low-e) coated sheets during the many phases of manufacturing is both common and costly.

Every time they’re handled, the unprotected, coated surfaces are at risk of being compromised; one misplaced glove and the sheet could be rendered unusable.

During shipping and even storage they’re further exposed to additional impactors, from changing atmospheric conditions, like increased humidity, to dust and other pollutants, even salt mist in some cases.

Protecting such coated, high-value surfaces is difficult because of the sensitive nature of products like low-e coatings.

Eco coat has developed an environmentally responsible, polymer-based liquid temporary protective barrier that can be quickly and simply sprayed on over products like low-e coatings and easily removed during the wash cycle.

It dramatically improves resistance to everything from abrasions to chemical misting.