Cladding and Railing Manufacturers

Although our company is called eco coat glass protection systems inc…your products, with their with exposed vertical and horizontal surfaces are also exposed to ‘construction debris’ that ranges from surface-etching concrete splatter, to aggressive sealants, coatings, paints and a wide variety of other chemicals.

Obviously, before occupancy all of these residues need to removed… but the fact is that they’re not just sitting on the surface where they can simply be wiped off or washed away.

Because of their chemical composition and the fact that your cladding, railings and other similar surfaces have be exposed to them for weeks or months, the debris is attached at a molecular level. Removal is extremely difficult or virtually impossible. The damage is already done.

Eco coat’s unique grafted polymer coating can provide you with a cost-effective protective option that you can now offer to your customers as a valued-added opportunity.

It can be quickly and easily applied immediately before shipping and removed on site when the building is complete as part of the final window washing and preoccupancy cleaning process.

While the presentation linked below speaks to glass damage we’re sure that you’ll see how the problem impacts your products as well!